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Piano Moving

It’s crucial that piano moving and piano removal services are carried about by professionals. Improper piano moving can damage your instrument, ranging from superficial damage to larger internal damage.

At JP Logistics, we have years of experience transporting pianos to customers throughout Ireland. We make sure all packing and unpacking of pianos are performed safely and efficiently, making sure they reach their destination unharmed.

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Moving Upright Pianos

We move a variety of pianos, including large pianos and upright pianos.

The professional movers at JP Logistics take extra care and safety precautions when moving upright pianos, as there is a larger risk for damage. We tightly secure all upright and large pianos in our vehicles to ensure they are not damaged during the moving process.

Piano Moving
For professionals with years of experience with moving upright pianos,
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Piano Trolley

We use all kinds of safety equipment when it comes to moving pianos. This includes piano trolleys and piano storage cases, which ensure that pianos can be safely moved across short distances and avoid damage.

Piano Moving FAQ

Where can I find piano movers near me?

We provide a piano moving service to customers throughout Ireland.

What kind of pianos do you move?

We move large pianos, upright pianos and more.