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Office Moves

When it comes to office moves, we want to promise a quick and efficient service that quickly transports all items with minimal disruption to your business.

This includes transportation of small boxes and items to entire office furniture moves to a new location. We pride ourselves on being one of Ireland’s best choices for office relocation services.

For assistance with all kinds of office moves, contact JP Logistics

Office Furniture Moving

We take care of transferring all kinds of tricky office furniture. We take care when transferring office furniture to use durable packing materials so that nothing is damaged during the moving process.

The types of office furniture we move include file cabinets, office chairs, desks, lighting, shredders and more.

Office Moves
For versatile office furniture moving services, contact JP Logistics

IT Office Moves

IT Office moves should be performed by professionals due to the nature of the equipment being transported. Many of the IT office equipment can include important data and configurations for the smooth operation of your business.

We make sure that all IT office equipment is transported safely and setup at your new location to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Office Moves
For reliable IT office moves, contact JP Logistics

Commercial Movers

As well as office moves, we pride ourselves as competent commercial movers. You can find out more information on our Commercial Delivery page.

Office Moves FAQ

Where can I find office relocation companies near me?

We provide furniture removal to customers throughout Ireland JP Logistics provides reliable office relocation and moving services to customers in Ireland.and Northern Ireland.

What office moving services do you provide?

We provide transportation of office furniture such as office chairs and desks, as well as the transportation of IT office equipment.