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House Clearance

Not all furniture needs to be transported to your new home, and we can assist you with removing it.

Our house clearance services take care of all the items you don’t need to include in the move, including old and broken furniture. We make sure to collect and remove all unwanted items in a safe and efficient manner.

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Bereavement House Clearance

We provide bereavement house clearance services in the event of the passing of a loved one.

Our bereavement house clearance services are highly professional and compassionate, and we work closely with the family of the deceased to determine the most appropriate way to clear furniture.

House Clearance
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House Clearance Prices

We offer affordable house clearance prices to customers throughout Ireland.

Once we have gathered information about how much furniture needs to be cleared or disposed of, we are able to offer a competitive and reasonable quote for our services.

House Clearance FAQ

Where can I find house clearance near me?

House Clearance services are available to customers in Cork and throughout Ireland

What kind of house clearance services are available?

We offer a range of house clearance services, including bereavement house clearance.