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Furniture Removal

We take great care when it comes to furniture removal for all clients. Our years of experience make us one of the most trustworthy options for furniture removal in Ireland.

We take care of all the necessary precautions when it comes to complex furniture removal tasks, such as providing the necessary packing equipment as well as dismantling larger pieces of furniture to avoid damage.

For versatile furniture removal services, contact JP Logistics

Mattress Removal Service

We provide a comprehensive mattress removal service to all customers.

This makes transporting mattresses to your new home an easy task, and we pack them securely to make sure it is not damaged on moving.

Furniture Removed
For reliable mattress removal services, contact JP Logistics

Sofa Removal Service

We remove and transport sofas safely to your new home to help relieve some of the stress of moving.

If necessary, we dismantle sofas before placing them in our vehicles to ensure each component can be safely moved.

Furniture Removed
For a professional sofa removal service, contact JP Logistics

Bed Removal Service

We take great care when carrying out our bed removal service, regardless of the size of the bed.

We make sure when dismantling beds that they are all in good condition and able to be reassembled easily when transported to their new location.

Furniture Removal FAQ

Where can I find furniture removal near me?

We provide furniture removal to customers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

What kinds of furniture do you remove?

We provide sofa removal, mattress removal, bed removal and more.